Toward a cleaner harbour - Special Thanks after march  

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Special Thanks


The ‘Save Our Harbour’ march of Friday has given the Whangarei Harbour and our waterways a voice. The message is clear and strong; people don’t want any raw sewage discharged into our most precious assets. Water is life, without its pureness the citizens can not survive to the full extent of their potential. I take this opportunity to thank the people of Whangarei who have shown their support, by making submissions, supporting the cause, some marching on Friday, signing the petitions, and spreading the word that our harbour and waterways must be protected. Many were unable to join our march on Friday owing to other commitments, but we are well aware spiritually, they were with us. I stress it was not just a Maori issue, as some have attempted to portray, just attempting to take the stink out of the issue. Some are attempting to divide and then conquer. We must now make a serious attempt to ensure our authorities listen to the people, Maori and pakeha (Kiwis), united, to ensuring our harbour is restored to the pristine condition is justly deserves, for all to benefit and enjoy for our generations in the future. Remember, it is our future and the future for our offspring.

We know the future of the aquatic environment is dependant on the out come of the resource consent process and our united group will be challenging to see that the correct  outcome is the result, for the health of our harbour and the health of our people. We ask that anybody with experience in any field who can assist us in the process to support the submissions against this consent, contact us. In fact any one who has constructive comments on this issue, feel free to make contact as we are seeking community involvement. If more unite we can win this battle. Contact can be made at . We have an arrangement with the ANZ bank. Donations can be made at any branch to ‘Save Our Harbour’ to fund the challenge of the Resource Consent Submissions for zero discharge. It is now time to reflect and sincerely say Thank you once again, please join our mission and we can all look towards to a brighter future in restoring our harbour to be the shining jewel in our crown.  “Make our Christmas – Save Our Harbour”


Warren Slater