Sewage scandal - The Best Investment Yet  

                                                        Northern Advocate -  9 December 2008



The Best Investment Yet


Well at least we now have some feedback to the sewage scandal. Since October 2007 when council changed, this problem has, to my knowledge not been discussed at public Council meetings.

I ask, did the councillors approve of the Application for New and Replacement Resource Consent to discharge this sewage to be placed with the Northland Regional Council. If not, why not? They are the face of our Council and issues of this magnitude should be agreed upon by council before an application is submitted. It is they who may become the victims of debate for allowing such an application to even be lodged.

Now that it is being aired, does our mayor not understand that instead of bully tactics and threats of rate rises it would be far more prudent to sell the idea to the people of Whangarei, the benefits of spending money on basic infrastructure? Ask any good retailer in our city and they will tell you that benefits can out way the cost when selling a product or service to a client e.g. the ratepayers.

According to the figures stated in the article of Saturday 29th November there will be an added cost of $100-00 per anum. Let us begin the lesson …… for only $2-00 per week per household (which is less than ˝ cup of coffee), if indeed it needs to cost us more, we can have, 24/7, 365 days a year access to a beautiful harbour, an abundance of fresh healthy fish and shellfish, tourists breaking their necks to visit our glorious town, wanting to spend dollars exploring our waterways, visiting and even swimming at our beaches.

We all want to dine near the waters edge at our numerous locations, bring our friends to experience the ambiance of our town and brag about our treasures in our wonderful harbour and surrounding clean green steams and estuaries.

 The people of Whangarei will live in a healthier environment, work in a healthier environment and be proud of and happy inviting others to share our town. There may be an even greater cost towards our health if we refrain from fixing this problem. We can set the benchmark of what a harbour should be like to show other districts of New Zealand the benefits of spending on basic infrastructure rather than spending on unnecessary projects for our future generations. It does indeed have its benefits and most smart people of this town will agree that this issue must be addressed accordingly.

Of course the effects of added cost may affect the profit of those that own numerous properties.

Brains work better than brawn…..Try it you may like it!


Warren Slater