Views can be voiced - Community involvement (Pat Slater)

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Community involvement†††


My husband and I attend Council Meetings.Luckily our circumstances allow this.Itís been said those attending do nothing for their community.How do others know what those attending have done?We attend to understand the system and people in it (most of whom we respect).Perhaps with this knowledge we can do something for our community, if not now, in the future.The more citizens interact with councils and councils listen, the more councils are aware of the communityís needs.


Personally, I believe our votes count as does knowing who we vote for.I do not want to wait until the next election and see a picture and read limited blurb I want to know candidates and how they operate after election in their roles and if prepared to voice opinion. Speaking of elections, after being involved last election, I was sad to see few people attended public meetings and even sadder to see how few voted.


Everyoneís opinion is important and lucky for us in a democracy it can be voiced!We have power over how we are governed.Please, if you disagree with someone do not try to silence them and take away their right to speak.

Negatives written about council etc can be seen as poison pen writing, not letting them (council) get on with it.When I write I know not everyone will agree and thatís alright, however itís my perception of things and to use someone elseís quote Ďperception is truthí.History proves people can be better off being more proactive than to just let authorities get on with it.†† I urge those condemning others who write in about council meetings to attend where possible. How can anyone comment on such matters unless there themselves?


Donít shoot the messenger.People want honesty in others yet at times do not want to hear the truth.Okay, it is someone elseís truth but built on facts and you canít get away from facts, they canít be changed.So once again I urge you, if you want your own truth, be there!



Pat Slater