Lecture – Northern Advocate - 4 Sept 2008





We sit regularly in open Council meetings and watch the antics that a few portray.

My comments have appeared in your columns previously. I won’t dribble on as I would hate to be thought of as a whiner, waffler or waster. It certainly appears that our mayor does not wish to support some of the organizations in our district morally, to enable them to apply with Council support, for funding, unless of course it is one of his pet projects. He appears to even find it hard to listen to councillors viewing an opinion in representing the voters in the community. His most recent comments implying that Councillor Sheryl Mai is “lecturing”, only substantiates that if that is what he believes, it is blatantly obvious  to us that he has not attended many lectures, seminars or even perhaps university.

Councilor Mai’s credibility he attempted to taint by saying that she was airing items in the public arena, but surely the comments “Lecturing angers Semenoff”  of Tuesday 2nd September are even more damaging to the council image.

If perhaps Mr. Semenoff is angered by her lecturing, as the article portrays, maybe an anger management course would be a good investment for him.


Warren Slater