Stormy Praises   -  Northern Advocate - 31 July 2008

                             -  Whangarei Leader  - 31 July 2008



Stormy Praises


The storms recently experienced by all are still rattling our windows and rearranging our trees.


Praise must be portrayed to the many who brave the elements whilst most of us are tucked away, from it all, safely in our homes or beds. The warnings issued by the Meteorological Service have been well in advance providing protection to those that heed its advice.


Websites, in our instance, those of our local Whangarei District Council, Northland Regional Council and Transit New Zealand, providing up to date information in relation to the many hazards that may be experienced by its residents, have been to a high standard.


Whilst we suffered power cuts on Saturday 26th July and again on Wednesday 30th July these were rectified in relatively short time considering the adverse conditions that the North Power staff had to endure to not only find the faults, but then rectify them.


We must also remember the emergency services, Fire, Police, St Johns, all the roading gangs etc. that have braved the conditions to render assistance to many and also reinstate the amenities we all so often take for granted.


You may have missed watching television or boiling the jug for a hot coffee, but all these teams have performed to the high standard that we have come to expect.


Keep up the good work; I believe many do appreciate it, as I know we most certainly do.


Warren Slater