True Colours Darkening  - Northern Advocate - 25 July 2008



True Colours Darkening


A letter I wrote to your paper was published on 17th July regarding the unacceptable manners displayed at the Community Enterprises meeting of Wednesday 9th July by Mayor Mr. Stan Semenoff  in which I quoted “really showed some true colours.


Well after perusing the article “Mayor: You’re whiners, wafflers and wasters” and reading the letter, of Thursday 24th July it is obvious others are experiencing similar bad displays of basic manners by this man.


“Respect” in the dictionary makes no reference to coming along with a title.


I like many others believe that ‘respect is earned’. Well Mr. Semenoff a change in attitude by yourself is much needed to reinstate any respect for you.


Your letter shows much arrogance.

You had a golden opportunity to apologize for your previous bad manners at the last Council meeting, that most good men would have humbly accepted.


I sincerely hope fellow Councilors who do not wish to be associated with or do not agree with the sentiments of Mr. Semenoffs article have the courage of their convictions to display opposition to them.


 Now is their opportunity to stand and be counted.


Warren Slater