Respect on the waka please -  Northern Advocate - 17 July 2008

                                                 -  Whangarei Leader - 22 July 2008



Apology Needed


The warm fuzzies muted at the first, new term, council meeting on 31st October 2007 seem to have disappeared. Quotes of “all in the Waka together”, “working together” and “ respecting one another” seem to have been forgotten by some that need to set better examples.

My wife and I attend a large percentage of open “public Council meetings” and have the advantage to witness the behaviour of most in the chamber. The Community Enterprises meeting of Wednesday 9th July really showed some true colours.  Councillor Merv Williams was attempting to improve some of the monthly reporting to ensure persons not electronically equipped better accessibility of such reports. Councillor Sheryl Mai then spoke in support of the motion.

It was obvious that our mayor, Stan Semenoff was not interested, so he turned away, yes, turned his back on Councillor Mai, looked at the structure of the ceiling of the Council chambers, talked to others behind and along side him, looked at the clock on the wall and then as her allocated time was nearing, attempted to gain the attention of the chair person by tapping his wrist/watch trying to indicate her time was up.

Stan, you disappointed us and others also present. If one was to turn around in the waka, which you regularly refer to, you would possibly fall out. That type of disrespect does not build good teams. It may have been more prudent for you to have left the chamber than display your lack of attention in listening to someone else exercising the democratic responsibility they were elected, like yourself, to do. An apology at the next public council meeting is most needed.




Warren Slater