Good changes - Dog-gone Impressed

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Dog-gone Impressed


It was a pleasant surprise receiving the 2008-2009 dog registration account early this year giving all residents just over two months to get their annual payment together before incurring any penalties. Also pleasing to see the effort made with producing an eye catching printed envelope with paw prints on the outside. A large reminder notice was also published in local newspapers. We must get behind this positive change in attitude and encourage all residents to register their animals. There have been some changes for the better. If we can get more revenue from the unregistered animal faction we may be able to encourage the Council to spend even more on the upgrades they are presently undertaking and have in future plans. Our wish list is still there, not going to go away and with more people encouraged to register their currently unregistered pets the extra funds hopefully will be spent in the right areas for animal well being, in our city, which was well overdue. I recently was in conversation with a very dear friend who relayed an incident to me about a dog savaging a miniature horse in our city. Expecting to hear the comments of past in relation to the actions of our Animal Control it was most rewarding to hear a very different account of this particular incident. I have in the past, been one of many, very critical of this department of Council.And in the future, if necessary, will still be critical if things are not carried out correctly. This particular event that was relayed to both my wife and I by all accounts deserves a bouquet. It certainly appeared to be handled very professionally by those attending. Keep up the good work, it is noticed. So there have been changes, letís hope they continue, making Whangarei a more animal friendly town.


Warren Slater