Wotís that floating in the harbour?- Northern Advocate - 28 May 2008




Wotís that floating in the harbour?


Well, here we are, only into the start of winter and Whangarei harbour has had its first publicised sewerage spill from the Okara pump station.


Who really gives a S_ _ T ?Obviously, not many.


During the last election campaign I solidly voiced my concerns that we get back to basics. Sewerage, Roads, Waste water, Water supply and Rubbish is what Council must focus on.


There was a public hearing in late December relating to the prior sewerage problems in Rathbone Street and very few turned up to have their concerns listened to. Resource consent was again being applied for from the Northland Regional Council to allow Whangarei District Council to allow overflow into the harbour during storms, an ongoing problem since the late 1980ís.


Come on people, this is a serious health issue. It makes our harbour unusable for weeks after one of these spills. They believe that much of the problem is storm water entering the sewerage system. Whatís been done to address this problem?


The latest spill occurred on Tuesday and at the full Council meeting the day after, on Wednesday, it was not even mentioned. No wonder, the meeting only lasted 2 minutes. Thatís hardly time to take a breath but with the possible sewerage odour one now realizes why.


Stand up and have your say, we must fix the sewerage issue or Whangarei may become known in the future for the Hundertwasser toilets, that DONíT work.


A real live attraction for visitors to watch events, at the new proposed stadium, while the proverbial brown stuff floats on by.


Come on Council letís make Whangarei clean and green. Fix it donít just throw a band aid at it.


Warren Slater