Telethon spirit recovers ( Pat Slater)  -  Northern Advocate – 13 August 2009



Big chance gone?


Sunday 9th August at 9am we were watching Telethon, KidsCan, when they crossed over to Whangarei.  There was a sign ‘Whangarei District Council’; Suzanne Paul, her team and a few youth helping out but no one else was visible.  Were the doors to Kensington Stadium locked?   A great promotion for our district?  Nothing happening there!   A picture speaks a thousand words. 

I would have cried if I had not been so angry.  Previous ‘hype’ about community, youth and tourism proven to be yet another illusion.  Who was there to represent our district?   Looking at the districts we were competing with we noted that in New Plymouth the mayor was there and Tim Shadbolt, Invercargill mayor, had a stand in as he was out of his district.  Was I, as previously portrayed by others, being too critical again?

At 11.30am spirits were lifted, Whangarei featured yet again.  The charity organizations and some council staff, the real heroes, were there doing their thing on Whangarei’s behalf.  The district has not lost its spirit. 

At around midday our mayor, Stan Semenoff, was featured and promoted our rugby successes and so believing we will win this challenge too.  Looking on ‘Sella’ at the items for auction we found an autographed, high visibility, jacket signed by Stan.  A great jester, good on you! 



Pat Slater